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Unitarian Christian Association

The Unitarian Christian Association (UCA) was formed in 1991 to strengthen and revitalise the liberal Christian tradition within the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches in Britain. We aim to be that place where this tradition can be explored, while at the same time providing a resource for the denomination as a whole.

We see ourselves as heirs to the Unitarian Christian and the Free Christian traditions of our forebears. The Free Christians were those who sought to bring together Unitarians, Trinitarians and those rejecting such labels, in a creedless church. We seek to renew and revitalise these traditions, to create a vibrant faith for the 21st Century.

Through this site we provide online fellowship to our members in our Free Christian Forum. From November 28th 2021 (Advent Sunday) we will also be offering weekly online worship which is available to anyone each Sunday at 6pm.

Events are held each year at different places around Britain to reflect the geographic spread of the membership. All members and friends are welcome to join us on these occasions.

We publish a journal, 'The Liberal Christian Herald', three times a year, which is sent free to all our members. Since 2007, we have published four books: 'Daybreak and Eventide' by Andrew Brown and John Morgon, 'The Man They Called the Christ' by David Doel, 'Our Christian Faith' by UCA members and 'Gems for the Journey' by Sue Woolley. Further details of these books and how to purchase them can be found on the Publications page of this site.

The Unitarian Christian Association is an affiliated society of the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches. Each year , the UCA makes a book grant to all first year ministry students.

The UCA has grown steadily in recent years and membership stands at over 150. However, we are aware that we represent many more than this number.

We welcome new members from all who want to see the liberal Christian tradition preserved and strengthened within our movement.

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